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Dissolution Rate Apparatus

We offer a high quality dissolution rate apparatus that are widely used in the Pharmaceutical Industries. This is a very important apparatus that is used widely for dissolution testing on solid dosage forms like tablets, capsules and pellets. Our apparatus is capable of giving accurate and precise results related to Quality Control and R & D.

Our apparatus is user friendly with six stirring stations. It eliminates numerous routine manual operations. The critical positioning of all the six stirrers can be done automatically at the precise distance from the bottom. The positioning of the six test vessels plus replacement vessels are so designed for easy accessibility. Motorized stirrer lifting mechanism is provided in the system for easy operation. The jars are perfectly cylindrical at the top and the bottom portion is a precise hemisphere with proper support.

The controller provides an accurate speed to the stirrers and monitors other critical electrical parameters. The digital temperature controller operates with an accuracy of + 0.2 deg. C of the set temperature by the user. Typical range is 30 deg. C - 40 deg. C.A stirrer is provided to circulate the water in the water bath to maintain an uniform temperature. The digital timer provides the facility for accurate time operation of the machine. In case, the machine remains unattended for any interval of time, set time and time passed can be monitored simultaneously.

Some of the salient features are:
  • Simple plug in installation
  • Precise and accurate speed control
  • Digital display of RPM
  • Digital display and control of temperature
  • Digital display and setting of timer
  • Complies with UPS, IP, BP, DAP, specifications
  • Precise vessel centering facility
  • Ideal for sustained and controlled release products
  • Support both glass and Merlon jars

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